Feathers, Wood 'N' String

Husband-wife rock duo making big Adelaide sounds from a tiny Southampton flat.

And now we’re back!

After a great month with our Adelaide friends and family in our first home, full of live shows and time on the radio, we’ve returned to Southampton with our last few hard copy CDs in our luggage, ready to pass on to local friends and radio.


If you’ve missed out on a hard copy, don’t worry – the EP is on Bandcamp and all your usual music streaming services, so you can easily grab an electronic copy.

Before we left Adelaide we were lucky enough to chat with Kym-Maree on The Local – SA and share our music at a few more intimate family events and the wonderful and always welcoming Hindmarsh Tiers open mic. You can listen to the podcast of our interview on The Local here:

Plus, we managed to squeeze in an absolutely awesome photoshoot with our dear friend and amazing artist Emily McAllan, so you might have noticed our profile pictures and banners getting a much-needed update!

So what next? Well, we’ve already started thinking about an EP for 2019, with ideas stacking up in Lloyd’s loop pedal and pages scrawled with topic ideas. Plus, having worked out acoustic versions of some of our tracks for Adelaide open mics and family events, and heard once or twice that a few other venues might have us if we had an acoustic set for them, we’re thinking of simultaneously recording an acoustic EP this year. This will be a whole new mixing world for Lloyd, so yet again he’s set to start on a steep learning curve.

We’re also on the lookout for charity events we could contribute to, support gigs and other opportunities to start to play live in our second home in Southampton, and local acts in both our hometowns that we can mutually encourage and support. If you know of something happening that we don’t know about yet, do give us a shout, and if you have a great local rock band we should check out, send us some links!

‘Til next time – keep enjoying indie music!

πŸ™‚ Sarah and Lloyd.


Reasons to Exist

cover attempt 13

After two successful live shows giving a preview of the EP’s content, and two live radio appearances, we are delighted to say that Reasons to Exist is now available online. You can use this link to find it on your preferred streaming service:

Or visit our Bandcamp to grab your own digital download copy.


Feathers, Wood ‘N’ String had the opportunity to be heard on Songcatcher on Radio Adelaide on Christmas Eve. If you would like to hear the show, you can find a podcast on the Songcatcher page here:

We also stayed on for Mixtape, where we got to be DJs and select the evening’s music to show the tunes that have shaped us:

Here are a few shots from our live shows. We hope you’re as excited for what’s to come in 2019 as we are, and wish you a wonderful festive season!

Home to play to those we know and love!

Hey friends! We are very pleased to announce that when we travel home for Christmas next month we will not only be visiting open mics and attempting a spot of busking, but will be playing two live shows to introduce this year’s EP!

You can see us live as part of a show supporting local music at McLaren Vale Football Club on Thursday 13th December, which will also include an open mic, and entry is free!

McLaren Vale poster 1

Or, you can come along to wonderful Adelaide live music venue The Jade on Thursday 20th December to see us perform with Alycia Budd and Mixed Brew in a display of all locally-grown original music for $6, or $4 if you contact us in advance and ask to be put on the door list! (If you’re wondering why there’s a charge for this show, we have to pay the amazing Jade sound tech!)

Jade poster Final

CDs will be on sale for $6 at both shows, even though the EP is not officially released until Boxing Day, so this will be a chance to get a super sneaky advance copy!

ANNNDD we do also have some band shirts, mugs etc available – we won’t have these physically available at the shows, as we’re sure you understand the impracticality of buying a bunch and lugging them around when they may not sell. BUT you can wear your support for our music by visiting Redbubble to order your merch of choice direct from our online shop!

We’re super excited and hope to see all our Adelaide friends very soon!

Catch you at a show maybe!

πŸ™‚ Sarah and Lloyd

A Rose for Nothing is here!

A big thank you to everyone who helped us spread this new track around social media, by email and by word of mouth yesterday and today. You are all amazing, and we hope you’ll keep playing this song to your friends and family for a long while yet, and help us get it even further!

We’ve had a little celebration here in the tiny flat studio, and enjoyed some cake, but our work is not over yet, as we have just a month and a bit to finish off the rest of the EP ready to bring it to you on Boxing Day! Plus, Sarah has been busy researching and emailing indie radio stations and blogs that might help present A Rose for Nothing to the world, and our supporters back in Adelaide are busy trying to find us a few places to play live while we’re home in December!

If you have contacts who might be of help with any of this, reach out and put us in touch and we’ll reward you with freebies!

Meanwhile, Bluey’s new outfit arrived in store, and the operation was a success! After some nerves about this change, Sarah was surprised to find she likes the black pick guard quite a lot! Here are a few shots of Bluey looking pretty different!

If you haven’t heard A Rose for Nothing, here’s a video version, but we’re rather you heard it on Bandcamp or Spotify.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this song! Let us know what you think, and tag us!


πŸ™‚ Sarah and Lloyd

Release Date Approaching!

It’s just a day and a bit to go before A Rose for Nothing will be out and available to listen to and share!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been encouraging us and looking forward to this single release. If you’d like to be part of helping get the song out there on Thursday, there’s a Facebook event you can join to get all the links as they arrive:Β and we’ve made a handy list of things you can do to help regardless of social media presence (just substitute Facebook in the first one with your preferred social media platform or email!)

ARFN release

We hope you enjoy this new track!

πŸ™‚ Lloyd and Sarah

A Rose for Nothing Release Date Confirmed

Our new single ‘A Rose for Nothing’ is mixed, mastered and paired with a nice graphic ready to come to your ears via Bandcamp and Distrokid on the 1st of November!

Most of our fans seemed to like the ships’ wheel graphic best, so we’ve listened to you and gone with that one for the track image.

A Rose for Nothing will also feature on this year’s EP ‘Reasons to Exist’ which we plan to release in December. We can’t wait to tell you more about all the tracks, but we’ll be doing that gradually as the release approaches.

For now we hope you’ll keep your eyes and ears peeled for A Rose for Nothing and help us share this new track with the world.

See you on November 1st!

πŸ™‚ Sarah and Lloyd.


We are delighted to announce that Lifeline is now available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and more, and there is a music video for you to enjoy over on YouTube or embedded below!

If you enjoy this song, please head over to Triple J Unearthed and give us a like and a review!

Happy Paper Boats Day!


Happy Paper Boats music video release day! A huge thank you to all who have contributed to our album of paper boat photos – you will shortly receive a copy of the new and improved mix, and we will announce who has won a copy of Lifeline very soon!

Here is the video from YouTube for you all to enjoy. Big thanks also to Charmaine for the amazing drone footage and close-ups of Sarah. cfletch_photography worth a follow on Instagram if you have it. πŸ™‚ The ocean sound effect at the start and end of the video is from

Now onto the next project, to get Lifeline released for you all! We will set a release date once our little forest video is ready to go. Thanks for following along on our musical adventures!

Much love,

Sarah and Lloyd.

And That’s (finally) a Wrap


Well folks, we are pleased to announce that after being frozen, stabilising shivering footage and shouting at the computer, the Paper Boats music video is now ready for release, and will be premiering on Twitch TV on Sunday 24th June. We will then release it on YouTube after the screening.


With fabulous drone footage from Charmaine, super cool playing at the Port Willunga jetty by Lloyd, and editing by me (Sarah), this family effort is something we really want to share with you all. It will be my first ever official music video, and I hope that you will all come and watch and support Lloyd and I in this new artistic endeavour.

We’re also running a little promotion where we’re asking you to fold your own paper boats and take pictures of them in weird and wonderful places. You can post your pictures on pretty much whatever social media you like and tag us, using #FWnS and #paperboatscomp and we will see them and add them to our album (with your permission of course). We are @FeathersWnS on Twitter, @featherswoodnstring on Instagram and @featherswoodnstring on Facebook. Alternatively, if you do not want to post on social media you can upload your picture directly to our folder of pictures in google drive – send us an email at and we will give you a link to do this. Everyone who sends or posts pictures will get a copy of the new mix and master of Paper Boats, which is significantly improved from the original, and we will choose what we think is the most imaginative paper boat location, and the most imaginative re-used piece of paper to make your boat (we don’t want you to kill the trees to do this) to win a free high quality download of our new single Lifeline upon its release. If you aren’t sure how to fold a paper boat, I am here to help you.

If you’ve never visited Twitch TV before, and you want to watch the premiere with us, don’t panic. It’s easy to use, just follow the link to to find my channel, and you might like to create an account so that you can text chat with us during the premiere screening. Then, all you need to do is be looking at that channel (again, just follow the link) at the time the premiere is scheduled to start. And if you really can’t work it out, don’t worry, it will appear on YouTube soon after at , and you can always message or email us to say what you think. After the premiere we will post a link in the text chat on Twitch for those who would like to join a short video call and chat with us about it, so if you are watching, and you’d like to see us ‘in person,’ watch until the end and click that link to come say hi.

Speaking of Lifeline, we are very excited to release this single once you have all had time to take a look at the Paper Boats video, and we hope to set a date soon for a few weeks after the music video has been released. Lifeline will come with its own simple music video of us playing it in The New Forest, which we hope will increase your enjoyment of the new track! Watch this space, because we will, as ever, need your help to spread the word. All sharing of any of these musical adventures is hugely appreciated – do tell your friends about us, and if they happen to be with you when these things come out, see if you can get them to watch with you. We’d love our music to reach more people.

Thank you to you all for being wonderful and we hope to see you soon at the Paper Boats Premiere!

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